Industrial equipment


From its origin, SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies' strategy is based on innovative interconnect solutions. The company growth is driven by innovation and consequently a high percentage of its revenues is allocated to R&D.
Harsh environments

Harsh Environments

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies provides world-class products including harsh environment connectors but also backshells, conduits, cable assemblies, contacts and custom interconnect solutions



SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is strongly involved to meet the requirements of environmental regulations (REACH and RoHS).



SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has taken action to meet the requirement of this regulation and has released an "authorization supports customer specific needs, from a connector, backshell, conduit to even more complex and innovative solutions.



SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies offers mechanical capabilities including modularity, weight saving, miniature and different types of locking mechanism.

Power distribution

Signal & Power Transmission

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Tecnologies is committed to implement the most innovative power and signal technology at a high reliability level for interconnect solutions.

Test Laboratory

Test Laboratory

Fiber optic connectors

Fiber Optic

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is a recognized worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of optical connectors for harsh environments.

Hermetic Connectors


SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies provides hermetic connectors based on glass to metal seal technology.

Souriau Sunbank Custom Solutions

Custom Solution Design

SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies offers its own in-house research, design and manufacturing capabilities for your projects.

Filter Connectors

Filter Connectors

Filtered connectors include built-in technology that is able to impact the signal going through the cables, connectors and equipment.