In today's competitive global environment, innovation is a differentiating factor that attracts the future talent that will drive change in our societies. It is essential to establish and develop a culture of innovation to go beyond technological innovation. In recent years, SOURIAU-SUNBANK has adapted its corporate culture to stimulate innovation in the daily work of its employees.

SOURIAU-SUNBANK's innovation approach consists in launching innovation projects, based on 4 main cores that represent the future of the industry according to the company. These cores have been identified on the basis of future technological and social developments. On the basis of these innovation cores, groups composed of various profiles engage in innovation projects. Before the groups are formed, all employees are asked to express their ideas on the themes that will then be developed through the Agora.

An innovation space that encourages exchange and sharing in order to identify and support innovative ideas at all levels of the company.
The technological and organizational cores that define future innovation projects.
An innovation process that channels and facilitates the transition from the innovative idea to the project in the company.

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