MQuick Series

MQuick Series EN4165

Rectangular modular small-size push-pull connector

  • Quick & secure push-pull system, blind Mating
  • REACH & RoHS
  • Temperature rating : -55°C to +175°C
  • 500H salt spray
  • Modules with metallic contact retention clip
  • Endurance of 500 cycles
  • Vibration : sinus & random till 3000 Hz, 20G
  • Insulation resistance : >= 5000 MOhm
  • EN4165 qualified. 
  • Designed and manufactured to be BACC65 compliant.

Key features and benefits

MQuick Description

The MQuick range of rectangular connectors feature a complete selection of components built around a range of standard modules, mechanical connections and accessories. It allows you to create the interconnections that meet your dimensional and technical requirements.

MQuick Series answers market expectation for modularityquick and easy mate from installation to maintenance. Based on modular design, MQuick opens opportunities to build a wide range from certified to custom interconnect solutions.

Order components separately and make it yours. From signal to high speed and power, the MQuick offering will fit your requirements.

Mechanically and visually coded, MQuick is the perfect push-pull solution for quick and easy connections.

Made of composite material, MQuick fulfills all requirements without compromise: performances with optimized weight.

MQuick provides direct harness to PCB solution, allowing cost savings by removing costly internal connections.

Examples of application field

Whether you need signal connectors, power connectors, broadband connectors or optical connectors, MQuick is your solution for cabin connection technologies.