UTSX Series

UTSX Series

Plastic circular bayonet connector

  • IK06 impact resistant
  • IP68/69K
  • UV resistant for up to 5 years outdoors
  • Large choice of configurations

Key features and benefits


Upgraded for higher performance

The Souriau UTSX series is a full-plastic, waterproof circular connector designed for harsh environments. The UTSX series features reinforced bayonet pins and a broader range of layouts, sizes and mechanical
keyings when compared to its predecessor, the UTS series.

Interchangeable with other Souriau TRIM TRIO® connectors

Part of the Souriau TRIM TRIO® connector line, the UTSX series shares a unique design of contacts that are interchangeable across several of our connector series, allowing you to simplify your supply chain and maintain the same cabling process across all ranges. The trio of contacts; machined, stamped and formed, and coaxial is used in different connector shapes with plastic or metal shells, bayonet or pushpull coupling mechanisms. For series that are intermateable, such as the UTS, UTGX and UTO series, you can easily switch from one series to the other across the applications in your operation.

Reliable connections in harsh environments

UTSX series connectors are waterproof, lightweight, withstand 250 mating cycles and are manufactured from materials that have UV and corrosion resistant properties. They are IP68/69K rated even in dynamic conditions and available with multiple contact layouts for design flexibility, including hybrid power/signal and hybrid copper/fiber.

Easy, quick and safe to use in a wide range of applications

The easy to grip connectors have a one-third bayonet coupling to confirm the connection with an audible and tactile click. The UTSX series is compliant with IEC and UL standards and resistant to shock, ensuring safe connections for installers and operators. The UTSX series is perfect for outdoor solar and wind management applications, as well as conditions where humidity or corrosive agents would compromise metal components – applications that range from off-road machinery to instrumentation and water management.

Examples of application field

The UTSX Series is ideal for applications where the connectors will be subjected to moderate shock and vibration, water spray or temporary immersion (up to 1 week in 10 meters) and direct exposure to sunlight.